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The Marketplaces are Here!

Marketplace Revenue Enhancement Analysis In-depth review of health plan sales channels and development of recommendations to enhance your success in the new world of ACA. October 2013: The Federal Marketplace and State Exchanges are upon us, and there is still a wide level of unpreparedness for what’s beginning to happen. Just like the early days…

A New Way of Determining Healthcare Value

As I wrote here last year for Milliman, the “narrow network” concept, in which health plans offer coverage through smaller networks (at a lower premium), in exchange for increased traffic to the network providers and (hopefully) a better risk profile, has existed for decades.  The idea was extensively tested during the integrated delivery system years…

Welcome to MDBushCo!

We are pleased that you have discovered our website, and encourage you to take a look around, check back often, and contact us for more information. The leadership and consultants at MDBushCo represent decades of experience and innovation in the business of healthcare. We specialize in ACA and Medicare channel strategies, and a look at…


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